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Thirty Years of Congresses: USNCCMs 1991-2021

Arif Masud, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Krishna Garikipati, University of Michigan

Wing Kam Liu, Northwestern University

The first US National Congress on Computational Mechanics was held in Chicago in 1991. The year 2021 marks 30 years of USNCCMs  and Chicago serves again as the host city. The Congress Organizing Committee is planning a Celebration Symposium to honor the occasion.  The symposium will feature invited talks from the Congress Chairs of the previous USNCCMs to share the highlights of their respective events and shed light on the evolution of the congress. The symposium highlights will be keynote lectures by Professors Thomas J.R. Hughes, J. Tinsley Oden, and Robert L. Taylor who are also the Honorary Co-Chairs of USNCCM-16. These keynote lectures at the Celebration Symposium will share the history of USACM as an organization and provide insight to its future growth and trajectory.