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Computational Modeling of the Heart and its Valves

Michael Sacks, University of Texas-Austin

Prasad Dasi, Georgia Tech

It is well known that the heart and its valves form an integrated, highly coupled system.  Yet, there are many important medical conditions, such as ischemic mitral regurgitation and aortic valve disease both have a profound impact in on cardiac function and vice versa.   Yet, computational models of such systems are rare, due to the complexity and challenges.   The goal of this minisymposium is to bring together the state of the art in computational methods applied to the analysis of the heart and its valves.   Studies that focus on the heart or it valves alone are encouraged, but those that try to combine them are especially encouraged.   Both fundamental and applied (e.g. medical devices) are equally encouraged.   Topics include (but are not limited to):
1. Right and left heart applications.
2. Ventricle-valve interactions.
3. Disease modeling
4. Replace heart valves
5. Valve repair
6. Effects of ventricular remodeling on valve function
7. Ventricular hemodynamics