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Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Fluid-structure Interaction (FSI): Algorithms and Applications

Jinhui Yan, University of Illinois, Urbana-Campaign

Justin Kauffman, Virginia Tech

Hugo Casquero, University of Michigan - Dearborn

John Evans, University of Colorado, Boulder

Ming-Chen Hsu, Iowa State University

Scott Miller, Sandia National Laboratories

David Kamensky, University of California, San Diego

Artem Korobenko, University of Calgary

Georgios Moutsanidis, Stony Brook University

Yue Yu, Lehigh University

The topics of this mini-symposium will cover a broad area of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and fluid-structure interaction (FSI), including theoretical developments, stable and efficient iterative methods, novel mesh moving techniques, adaptive methods, efficient coupling strategies, stabilized and multi-scale methods, sophisticated discretization techniques for fluids and structure, new developments in software design, efficient implementation on high-performance computers and more. It will show the importance of CFD and FSI analysis to complex multi-physics problems in engineering, science, and medicine. In particular, presentations comparing and benchmarking the performance of such algorithms, implementation details, and interesting novel applications are strongly encouraged. For FSI contributions, the presentation of the details of the coupling strategy between the fluids and solids is of particular interest for any discretization method and for either research or commercial codes. The goal is to bring together experts from academia, government, and industry to discuss the most recent advances and emerging research directions in the field of computational mechanics.