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Computational Design of Architected Materials

Julian Norato, University of Connecticut

Jose Guedes, Universidade de Lisboa

Xavier Oliver, Technical University of Catalonia

Computational material design (CMD) is a bustling and growing area of Computational Mechanics. The possibility of fabrication of parts, components and devices, made of computationally designed architected material to be manufactured via cutting edge fabrication techniques (e.g. additive manufacturing), opens new opportunities for applications of scientific, social and industrial relevance, and, in turn, to use classical and novel numerical tools for their design. By architected materials we mean those with optimized and engineered topologies, arrangements and morphologies at any of the material scales. 
This mini symposium aims to gather researchers interested in computational design of these architected materials including issues ranging from the computational aspects to their connection with specific applications and the manufacture of the corresponding components. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
  • Computational methods for optimal design of metamaterials for structural, acoustic, thermal, mechanical, biomechanical, and/or electromagnetic applications
  • Consideration of manufacturing techniques in computational material design
  • Hierarchical and simultaneous design of material and components
  • Multiscale computational material design
  • Computational design of arrangement in composite materials