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Materials Response to Extreme Conditions

Marisol Koslowski, Purdue University
Jaafar El-Awady, Johns Hopkins University
This minisymposium is an interdisciplinary forum for discussion of new advances on the fundamental science and applications of materials under extreme conditions. The focus is on new experiments, models and computational methods towards understanding the dynamic and shock-induced mechanical, physical, and chemical behavior of materials. Topics of interest will include:
Shock-induced material response, including fracture and plasticity. 
High strain rate behavior in metals and energetic and reactive materials.
Heat induced by interfacial friction, fracture, plasticity and void collapse.
Dislocation dynamics and atomistic simulations during shock compression and release.
Phase changes due to the influence of pressure, shear and temperature under shock conditions.
Detonation and shock induced chemistry at molecular and continuum level.