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Enabling Rapid Design-to-analysis for Agile Workflows

Paul Kuberry, Sandia National Laboratories

Jacob Koester, Sandia National Laboratories

Michael Tupek, Sandia National Laboratories

The ability to quickly create and execute simulations for analysis and design problems involving complex domains is an extremely challenging aspect of modern engineering.  Developing rapid design-to-analysis technologies is essential for streamlining complex multi-step analysis processes.  The primary time cost in these processes is often geometry decomposition and meshing, where the typical goal is to produce high quality discretization to enable stable and accurate PDE analysis.  This session is interested in techniques which address the current design to analysis bottlenecks, either by improved discretization strategies or novel numerical methods which reduce the requirements of the discretization.   Topics of interest include:

  • meshfree methods
  • immersed methods
  • isogeometric analysis
  • advanced element technologies
  • advanced meshing techniques
  • methods addressing as-built or scanned parts.