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Stabilized, Multiscale, and Multiphysics Methods

Guillermo Hauke, Universidad de Zaragoza

Isaac Harari, Tel Aviv University

Arif Masud, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

This symposium aims to bring together researchers considering various aspects of Stabilized and Multiscale methods in Computational Mechanics. These methods have broad applications in fluid dynamics, solid and structural mechanics, material modeling, problems with weak and strong discontinuities, as well as phenomena involving coupled interacting fields, namely, fluid-structure interaction, thermo-mechanics, chemo-mechanics, and electro-magnetics. This symposium will provide a platform to engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists to discuss recent developments in the field of stabilized and variational multiscale methods and their novel applications in engineering and science. We welcome contributions dealing with all aspects of stabilized, multiscale and multiphysics methods, including but not limited to
1. Mathematical theory of stabilized and variational multiscale methods
2. Emerging multiscale approaches and applications
3. New formulations and solution techniques
4. Multiscale methods in CFD and turbulence modeling
5. Application to error estimation and uncertainty quantification
6. Parallel computations with multiscale methods
7. Methods embedding Data in Simulations
8. Applications of VMS in V&V and Reduced Order Modeling
9. Applications of VMS in emerging Data Science problems